The Cat

All along, I knew there would be a cat in Beyond Me. From the beginning I knew the cat would black, but I started thinking about how a three-colored cat is considered lucky. I decided the cat would be black. With a red collar and bell. Later, as I was going through my farming photos researching the seasons of the vegetable fields I found this photo.

It was the first and only time I saw this cat. He was sitting next to taro. The photo was taken 2012, the year after The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

The History of Our Kittens and Cats

On 9-11-07, we rescued four little kittens in a neighbor’s garden. Here are some posts from Here and There Japan, a blog of the things we saw, did and used in our daily life in Japan. Started in 2006 when my children were in Japanese public school. It is written for children.

September 13, 2007  Cat and Kitten Rescue

October 21, 2007  A Forever Home for Kittens

January 17, 2008  Kitty Bandages

October 21, 2008  Fish Heads and Cages!

April 23, 2009  Another Stray Cat!

October 15, 2009  Cat in the Bean Field

November 6, 2009  Another Rescued Kitty

September 7, 2020  The Garden Cat(s)