I grew up in Richardson, a community on the edge of Dallas, Texas. From age eleven, I spent weekends in the Texas countryside where I tamed butterflies and rode my red pony, Pokey. I had no idea at the time that I would end up living on the other side of the world in Japan. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics. I taught reading and English for Academic Purposes at university programs in the United States, Malaysia, and Japan until I married a Japanese citizen.

Our binational, bicultural and bilingual children grew up in our multi-generational home in Tokyo and went through the Japanese public school system. I had no idea they would end up living on the other side of the world in the United States. I miss them, but I am busy gardening, taking photographs, reading and writing.

I have composed stories and poems (mostly in my head) since my third grade teacher Mrs. Eldridge’s weekly assignment. My work for children has been published in Highlights Magazine, Highlights High Five, Skipping Stones, and Hunger Mountain. I received a grant from the Highlights Foundation to attend their Chautauqua conference in 2009. I am represented by Holly McGhee at Pippin Properties. My middle grade novels, Somewhere Among (2016) and Beyond Me (2020) are published by Simon & Schuster, Atheneum, Caitlyn Dlouhy. This site is written mainly for teachers. Here and There Japan, a blog of the things we saw, ate and did in our daily lives, is written especially for children.