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My blog of this and that from here and there in Japan is written especially for children. It was started in 2006 while my children were in Japanese public school.

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Here are some cultural points related to Somewhere Among:


Tanabata 2006

Tanabata 2007

Tanabata Decorations

School Items

several pages of HTJ posts


video of Cleaning school

School Building

Fifth Grade Class Schedule (2006)

Reading Aloud Every Night

School Pool

School Pool Time

School Health Check

School Payment Envelop

School Project: Potato Plant

Cooking for School

Pulling Daikon for School

Daikon Greens for School

Winter Daikon from School

School Day Trip

School Lunch

video of school lunch service

lunch schedule 

lunch server uniform

lunch server hat

lunch service

lunch mat

junior high lunch apron & bandana

School Work several pages of HTJ posts

Sports Day

Sports Day Event: Bean Bag Toss 2006

Sports Day  May 2007

Sports Day: The Rope and The Dance

Sports Day Event: Bamboo Poles

Sports Day: The Finale

Sports Day Junior High

mikan   several HTJ posts

winter solstice several HTJ posts