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The Ehime Maru February 2001

On February 9, 2001, The Ehime Maru, a Japanese high school fishery training boat, sank 9 miles off Diamond Head after the submarine USS Greeneville surfaced beneath it. Nine people on The Ehime Maru perished.

In January 2002,  a memorial was built at Kaka’ako Waterfront Park in Honolulu and was unveiled in February 2002.  The memorial stands on a hill overlooking the ocean. It is made of nine granite blocks. Engravings include an outline of ship and a map of the accident site. One of the ship’s two anchors lay next to nine links from the anchor chain to signify the nine lost lives. The names of those who perished are engraved on the stone.

The Japan-America Society of Hawai’i maintain the memorial with the help of volunteers from the community. This photo was taken in 2015.


Construction of Ehime Memorial Underway January 20. 2002

Memorial to Ehime Maru Nine Unveiled Japan Times Feb. 11, 2002

Ehime Maru Memorial Draws Japan Tourists June 27, 2002