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ISS International Space Station

image credit:  NASA   Facilities around the world support the operation and management of the International Space Station.
 The United States., Russia, Canada, Japan, and the participating countries of the European Space Agency launched the International Space Station (ISS) in 1998. It is the largest space station ever constructed. Additions continue to be assembled in orbit. Astronauts from 15 countries have visited the ISS to date. It is a growing international collaboration.

For more information about the International Space Station check here.

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To view the ISS in the night sky check NASA Skywatch Sightings at Spot the Station

videos from the ISS and a musical about the ISS can be found at the ISS Video Library

Search for the video Story Time from Space

Story Time From Space video can also be found on Youtube

Story Time from Space a non-profit education foundation

NASA Kids’ Club

PBS list of Space Books


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