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Peace Doll

Over twenty years ago, as I was getting off the train at my station, a Japanese woman handed me the paper doll encased in a plastic sleeve. A slip of paper on the outside says,”May Peace Prevail on Earth.” We have used it as a Christmas ornament ever since. I was surprised by the English and have always wondered about it. Was the woman handing out dolls to foreigners she saw on the train? Did she have dolls with the Japanese translation to give to Japanese people? I once found a link to a Japanese group who was giving peace dolls away. I cannot find it now, but it may have been linked to the group who created Peace Poles and Masahisa Goi of Japan. When I started writing for children, I searched for a way to use this doll in a story. After the 2011 earthquakes and tsunami of Japan, a story found me.  It turned out to be a story set in Japan 2001. SOMEWHERE AMONG, my first novel, debuted in April 2016.

Bullying and Resolving Conflict

ANTI-BULLYING DAYS & WEEKS & MONTHS Across the world, days, weeks and months have been set aside to spotlight bullying. Here is what a few countries are doing. Let’s add to the list. Australia        National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence Canada Safe Schools   Pink Shirt Day Canada Scotland UK Anti-Bullying Week resources UK The Diana Award Stand up to Bullying Campaign video message from Prince William USA   Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention ARTICLES Bank Street College of Education  Social & Emotional Learning through Literature Edutopia Resources to Fight Bullying and harassment at School Edutopia What Neuroscience Reveals About Bullying By Eucators Psychology Today article What You Can Do What to do when your child is being bullied in Japanese school RESOURCES The Center of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Rutgers University has an extensive list of links to materials for teaching and guiding students in conflict resolution skills. Click here. Harvard Graduate School of Education         Bullying          Making Caring Common Project TELL Japan Outreach Anti-Bullying ASSOCIATIONS …