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Nagasaki on August 9, 2001

Mayor Itcho Ito of Nagasaki City read “The Nagasaki Peace Declaration” and warned that “the nuclear threat is now on the verge of expanding into space.” Ms. Sanae Ikeda, an atomic bomb survivor, gave a “Commitment to Peace” and a children’s choir sang “Kora no Mi Tamayo” (“The Spirit of Our Children”). Prime Minister Koizumi stated, “Being the only country ever to have experienced nuclear devastation, Japan observes its Peace Constitution, firmly maintaining the Three Non-Nuclear Principles. Japan is also continuing to appeal to the international community for the abolition of nuclear weapons and realization of a permanent peace so that the horror of nuclear weapons may never again be repeated.” Prime Minister Koizumi noted, “As regards the atomic bomb victims, I will continue to devote myself wholeheartedly to promoting support measures while taking into full consideration the circumstances of the atomic bomb victims who are advancing in years.” After the end of the ceremony, Prime Minister Koizumi went to Megumi no Oka, a nursing home in Nagasaki, and visited some of the patients. Nagasaki …

Pearl Harbor Memorial on December 7, 2001

President George Bush marked the 2001 anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by declaring December 7 as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. He flew to Virginia to give a speech aboard the USS Enterprise. He focused mainly on the threat of terrorism, but commented on the current relationship of Japan and the United States saying, “Today our two navies are working side by side in the fight against terror. The bitterness of 60 years ago has passed away. The struggles of our war in the Pacific now belong to history.” transcript of President Bush’s speech from Washington Post USS ARIZONA  MEMORIAL  Oahu, Hawaii The state of Hawaii and local businesses helped 600 New York City police officers, fire and family members of victims of September 11 attend the Pearl Harbor memorial services. The USS Arizona Memorial was closed to the public for ceremonies for Pearl Harbor survivors, their families, and guests. Twenty-one survivors from the USS Arizona attended with other veterans of Pearl Harbor, many wearing garrison caps with their ships’ names. Flowers were …

9-11 Memorials

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